About Us

DD-Threads is a family owned and operated online fashion retailer for hundreds of customers worldwide with over 6 years of experience. Dimitrios started his business because the power of hunting for luxury goods at reasonable prices became an obsseion. His family and friends would always count on him to resell their prized possessions, and knew he would get top dollar for all their items. His passion for selling and negotiating luxury goods evolved into Top Rated Power Seller on ebay, known as 2010*greek, which then lead to DD-threads.com, and DimtriosesDesignerThreads. By expanding his selling platforms he has developed many international relationships in order to bring over designer clothes for reasonable prices.Our friendly family approach is what sets up apart from all other consignment competitors.

Consign With Us

Our Open-Auction ebay platform has allowed us to focus on Consignment, and meet clients that are looking to make a profit from their personal High-End Collections. DD-threads.com offers that personal one-on-one service with all our clients in order to get the most bank for your buck on all your luxury goods. We have personal one-on-one conversations with you to explain the consignment process, and set up pricing details with your approval. Contact us today to request a Consignment Kit.

Phone: 1 626-243-3383
Email: info@DD-Threads.com