Frequently Asked Questions

What Does accept for consignment?

Our main focus is High-End Designer Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. We also love the challenge of selling collectibles, electronics, automotive, sports gear and home goods. You name it, and we’ll sell it. We research your items to get you the most.

For a complete list of Hi-End Designers that we accept please reference our Designers link for more details. If you’re not sure about a Brand you may email, call, or text us for more information.

For a complete list of Brands we Do Not accept please refer back to our Designers link for more details. But please feel free to contact us before hand to get specific information (before you send us your goods).

How many items can I send?

We will gladly take in as many high end luxury items as you want to send in. The more the merrier we always say!

Store Retailers and Boutique’s looking for a fast and profitable way to turn your goods into cash please contact us at, call, or text to discuss pick up arrangements. No lot is too big!

How does shipping work for consignment?

Local pick up is free anywhere in the Los Angeles area. But if you are just outside Los Angeles area, please call or email us to discuss the possibility of us traveling to you!

Shipping is Free! We email you a pre-paid shipping label at your request. However, if you decide on shipping out your items before hand, then we will reimburse your shipping costs on your first check.

Send all your items to:, 3254 la tierra st. Pasadena,CA.91107

Because we are not a large corporation, and still believe in that One-on-One personal service you deserve, we mainly utilize USPS ground shipping services. If you are in a remote area and do not have access to USPS please contact us to discuss alternate shipping methods that are also budget friendly.

International Customers please note that the most cost efficient method of you sending your items will be through DHL Saver shipping. You must use this method of shipping or you will not receive back a shipping refund.

Please pack your items in a box, and make sure that you place all your goods in a plastic bag before placing in box to avoid damages from outside factors (such as weather conditions, delivery damage etc..) This way nothing will fall out of the box incase boxes get crushed in transit. Finally make sure that you include all your personal information in the box: Name, Phone, and email. This way we may contact you as soon as your items arrive.

We are not Responsible for Lost or Stolen items.

How long does it take for my items to be listed?

Once your items have been received; we thoroughly inspect your items, and then email you an itemized listing of all your goods. Please allow 48 hours for confirmation email. It will take one week (the latest) to list all goods.

To avoid issues of returning your items that have low or no resale value please make sure that you have referred back to our Designer listing link.

If you send items in Poor condition or Authenticity issues, we will contact you, and discuss return options @ your cost.

Do we Authenticate items? only sells 100% Authentic Designer items. We reserve the right to work with professional authenticators for your items at our discretion. If items that are appraised inauthentic, you will be issued a $20 charge for each non-compliant item ($40 for Hermes) on the next scheduled invoice to cover the authentication expenses.

How will my items be listed and priced? has over five years of experience and 10,000 + transactions in turning assets into cash for our clients. We have the advantage of working closely with our clients to ensure that we are maximizing profits through Fixed Price Best Offer*, Auctions*, and Free Shipping Offers*.

*Auction: Most of our items do not run on auctions unless directed by the clients.

*Fixed Price Best Offer:This is how we allow shoppers to shop. Buyers can also submit offers, and only reasonable offers are accepted.

*Free Shipping Offers: We offer free shipping on all items that are sold during these special offer periods. Customers are more likely to make an offer, and purchase items when free shipping is offered ($10 dollars is automatically added to the selling price so that you are not affected by the free shipping offers). Here’s an example of how that will work: an item that has a resale value of $100 would be listed as $110 with free shipping. Therefore, when you see these items on your invoice, you'll notice that $10 has been deducted from the final sale price.

We personally research the resale value of your goods through comp shopping and reviewing previous sales of similar items. Because Dimitrioses Designer Threads offers the best One-on-One service; we work closely with you to ensure we are listing your items for the highest amount possible. If you disagree with how something is priced, please send us an email and we can make arrangements on a proper listing.

Consignment contracts officially start the day your items are listed in our eBay store, and website. We will continue to re-list your items within that same calendar year; unless you have contacted us prior to one year to discuss other options. Once your items are listed, an email is sent to you which includes your own secure personal code, and simple directions on how to follow your auctions.

Once your item sells, you will receive an automated email saying your item has sold. You’ll then receive an itemized invoice at the beginning of next month, and the percentage you receive from the sale.

After the year is up items that have not sold are subject to return once we contact you to arrange shipment. If we are unable to get in contact with you these items will be donated.

How does the payment process work?

You receive 60% of the selling price for items that sell for $999 and below, 75% for items that sell for $1,000 and above and 80% for items that sell for $5,000 and above.

Our payments operate monthly, and payments are made when you have completed sales between the first and the last day of every month.Your check and invoice will reflect the completed sales from the previous month. For example: your completed sales for January will then be paid out to you on February 1st.

Completed Sales Means: items that have been paid for, shipped, and feedback has been submitted. Buyers have 8 days before they are required to pay. Items that appear to sell one month, may not be considered completed until the following month.

There’s no charge for returned items. We allow buyers to return items, within the policy period, and we just simply re-listed your items.

Buyers do not pay for their items are re-listed after the sale is disputed with eBay.

In some cases items that might not sell right away and take longer to sell than others is only because of it’s value, and we are just waiting for the right buyer to come along. However it’s more that likely that 100% of your items will sell within one year. At the end of that year, you are welcome to ask for those items back or, we donate them.

How can I get in contact with you?

For further assistance or inquiries you may have please call us @ (626)243-3383, or email